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funk // rock // reggae // samba // disco // soul // fire // auditory contraband collective

washington, d.c.

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“The Band of Tomorrow ping-pongs between genres and weaves together harmonic sections in a way no other band would dare to. In the same way, their pre-written lyrics don’t shy away from any subject, nor does any special guest find it challenging to make a Band of Tomorrow song their own. This Band structures its mission around an unpredictable and transformative experience - always high energy, always premium quality, based often in familiar melodies and intellectual lyrics, but exploring improvised ideas with every new layer.

“Redefining what it means to make music in this time and bringing audiences to new highs at festivals and venues across the Eastern Seaboard, including DC’s venerated 9:30 Club and the Firefly Music Festival, the Band of Tomorrow is not one to miss.

- Carly Shields, Ever Upward Entertainment, Denver CO



Here at the Band of Tomorrow, we firmly believe that social media has done a great job bringing the free world closer together, making humans feel happier and more fulfilled, and above all, helping citizens understand how public policy matters impact their lives. The Modern Internet™ has proven itself a highly capable steward of free thought, whose architects are fully deserving of the freedoms upon which their success rests, and that is why we have nominated Mark Zuckerberg for the Order of the Red Banner.

We hope you will engage with us on the following socialmediæ, upon which we are involuntarily, inextricably, financially dependent because we’re musicians and it’s the year 2019 and they pretend to pander to (y)our needs while maximizing value for shareholders. I mean, it’s capitalism sure, and we won the Cold War, and that’s great, but no Norma I’m not bitter at all, seriously everything is fine right now. MAGA!

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Booking Agent (North America):

Gordon Hughes, gordon@bandoftomorrow.com

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Lisa Glassman, advance@bandoftomorrow.com


Geoff Browning [ form below ]

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